Minority report

For this media task, I have chosen to analyse the beginning of the film ‘Minority Report’. The genre of this film is a sci-fi thriller, as it merges the two genres together. I have decided to analyse the beginning of… Read More

Do the right thing

There are many ways in which micro features can generate meaning and create response in the viewer. Mise-en-scene is one of the most important micro elements. This is everything which is seen on the screen (the set, props, characters, costumes,… Read More

Thomas Jefferson

One facet of democracy is such that it is the people who determine the leader of a particular state. The United States of America can be regarded as the country that gave rise to this concept as the nation state… Read More

Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending

Expressionism as a movement in Germany covered many different creative media – such as visual art, literature and theatre, as well as its influence on the world of cinema. Its visual style and themes represent in many ways the personal… Read More