Conformity is an essential part of every culture. It's basic a likeness and understanding that can draw people together.A culture who has citizens who conform will be stronger. The regularity brings power, and stability. Because if all men are equal,then… Read More

The Art of Teppan-yaki Cooking

Metal Spatulas and salt n peppershakers fly through the air and are caught behind the back. Sharp silver knives cut through filet mignon steaks, boneless chickens and Tristan da Cunha lobsters. Soy sauce and seasoning is added as the portions… Read More

Songwriting 101

The world of literature consists of many different genres, and of those genres the most commonly overlooked is songwriting (Frey). To this day uncountable numbers of records have been sold. There have been countless awards given to the people who… Read More


Does anybody ever come home from a long day of work or a hard day at school and only one thing is on your mind. It is probably the greatest feeling on earth, well at least one of the greatest… Read More