Assignment on Painting Sample

When this assignment was first given to us thefirst painting that popped into my mind was Van Gogh’s Bedroom painting. The reason is because I have a Van Gogh calendar, one my father purchased for me to get me to… Read More

ART: Sixteenth Century, High Renaissance

In the Sixteenth century, mainly in Italy, there was much change, in religion. The dissatisfaction with the leadership and policies of the Roman Catholic Church led to the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther and John Calvin led the Holy Roman Empire… Read More


Being the most influential men in psychology, Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung had both similarities and differences in their theories and insights. Although they shared many of the same beliefs like in dreams and their symbolism of the unconsciousness,… Read More

The Ballet Russe

Dance, as we know it today, has evolved into a tremendously popular aesthetically pleasing form of entertainment. It merges with other forms of art to create one master piece, a sort of melting pot of art. Before the time of… Read More