Exists many types of academic paper related to the topic of business. It is possible to emphasize the two, which are the most widespread. These are the expository and business communication paper. Both types of academic papers have many features in common.

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What is more, exists a difference between expository essay and business communication assignment. The first type of writing may discuss themes which are related to business as well as more general topics. In contrast, the second type can be directly related to business issues. Both of these types of papers aim to render to the target reader the points of the view of the writer. Talking about the difference between expository essay and business communication text, it is essential to emphasize their purposes. The expository paper aims to discuss specific issues and present strong and persuasive arguments, while business communication paper outlines steps for further studies.

The expository piece tells about something by explaining how it works. The main task of a student is to express the idea, research it, describe, making evaluative judgments. Business communication piece has a source, a specific message, a target audience and specific action taken. It resembles a process of communication. Expository pieces aim at giving the reader information. These writing inform the audience. There is no call-to-action sentences and thought-provoking statements. It serves merely as a source of the idea.

In contrast, the communicative article aims at evoking the desire in the mind of a target reader to do something and take some measures. In the business sphere, it presupposes buying the product or using a specific service. Entrepreneurs use these writings to increase the capacity of business, while expository article provides general info concerning specific product or kind of service.

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How to write an expository essay and communication essay?

Although there is a difference between expository essay and business communication, these types of academic papers have much in common. That is why the rules and guidelines for helping to write these pieces also are similar. As each type of academic paper, these two kinds of writings comprise many specificities. An author has to take into account all the features and stick to them throughout the whole writing process. It is possible to decide the writing process of expository article and business communication document into three stages – pre-writing stage, writing stage and post writing stage. On each of these preparation stages, an author has to perform many processes allowing to create an ideal essay suiting all the requirements and demands. Writing in a clear and distinct manner is compulsory. It will enable rendering the message of the writer to teh target reader with no violations.

In all these stages, despite the difference between expository essay and business communication writing, the authors have to perform the same processes. In the pre-writing stage, a task of the writer is to gather all the necessary info. A proper technique will be to leaf through the sources from the reference list and surf the net to collect unique and exciting for the target reader info. An excellent and prolific technique is the preparation of the outline. It presents a plan that will make the writing process more manageable and allow the author to express and explain his idea clearly.

In the writing phase, an author has to create the text, following the outline. It is not difficult if the plan of the writing was compiled carefully. The post-writing stage demands grammar and originality check as well as polishing the manuscript and presenting the final version of a paper.

How to structure expository essay and communication paper

Exists a slight difference between expository essay and business communication paper. However, the structural and formatting demands do not differ significantly. As every article, both these papers should comprise an introductory part, main body, and conclusion. Each of these structural parts should be compiled following the established rules.

An introduction is an opening part of a document. That is why its primary task is to gove the target reader the general understanding of the topic and prepare him for the perception of the further info. The intro has to start with the hook sentence. It should be informative, attention-grabbing and familiarize the target reader with the topic. Next, you have to provide general facts related to teh topic to specify the details. The last sentence of the opening part is a thesis. It presents the basis for the whole writing and expresses the position of a writer.

The main body of the explanatory document and business communicative article should comprise strong persuasive arguments enhancing the main idea of the author. Implementing relevant supporting sentences is essential. What is more, the main body section should contain a couple of examples, which will clarify and strengthen the arguments delivered by the author. It is always a prolific strategy to take the reference list as a basis for the arguments and examples. It allows presenting the only relevant info.

The last part of the writing is called a conclusion. The main purpose of this section is to summarize all the info presented by a writer beforehand. The task of the student working on teh delivery of the article is, to sum up, everything and deliver a logical conclusion. It should be informative, relevant and thought or action-provoking.

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