In this kind of assignment, your task is to tell your reader about some life experience you went through and share your feelings about it. You can choose any story you want. Moreover, it is not necessary to describe the event that has taken place in your life. While writing this essay, you can use your imagination and talk about the story that has not occurred to you in your real life. However, we strongly recommend you to talk about some true events since you will show your real emotions and the reader will feel it.

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how to write a reflective essay

Book or movies reflection

Sometimes we find a movie or a book that greatly affect our way of thinking. If you would like to share your feelings about it – a movie/book reflection is the one you are looking for. Here you can tell your reader about the emotions you felt after watching a particular movie/reading a book and how your personality has changed afterward.

Planning your assignment is one of the most important parts of your task because one cannot create a perfect work right away. You should start with organizing the writing process.

Decide on the Topic

When with movie/book reflection everything is easy, it is more difficult to talk about the situation from your life experience. Think about a topic for your draft thoroughly. Our piece of advice is a brainstorming. Just sit down, take a pen and a paper and start writing all the ideas that come to your mind. Try to think about different situations from your everyday life that had affected your feelings and believes. You can even choose a story from your childhood. The key is not to pick the most interesting event from your life, but a situation that changed you as a personality.

Having chosen the story, try to ask yourself the next questions:

  • Why have I chosen this topic?
  • Why is it important to analyze it?
  • What have I learned from this?
  • What skills have I obtained?
  • Did the situation affect me in a good or bad way?
  • What would I have done differently?
  • How this situation changed my personality?
  • What emotions were evoked afterward?
  • Why have I done everything like this?
  • What would have I done differently?

The next step is to create your first draft. Try to single out some main points about the situation itself.  Describe a place with the specific interesting details (sounds, smell etc.). Talk about what you felt during that moment of your life. This is a frame, some kind of a ‘map’ which will help you to navigate within your draft.

Structure your Essay Correctly

Writing such paper is an interesting task. Although here we come to a boring part of an article – a theoretical one. But do not try to skip it! Understanding the structure of this type of work is the most important task you have to do before writing your draft.

The structure of it is pretty simple. It includes 3 parts:

1)    Introduction

2)    Body

3)    Conclusion


You will start your paper with an introduction. Here you should tell about the event that occurred to you and try to describe your feelings about it. You want to hide some hook for your readers! You can start your assignment with a question since this will help you to catch your readers’ attention in the best way. Basically, introduction consists of a hook and a thesis statement (i. e. experience you had). While describing the latter you should be precise and laconic! Just outline the main idea because you will be enlarging upon it in the body part.


This part of the paper is the hardest one. Here you have to widen information about the experience you had. Try to tell everything about your feelings after the event had happened to you.  You should avoid summarizing in the body part! Make sure that you are reflecting, not summarizing.  Get deeply into yourself and your feelings. Try to tell your reader what you have learned after going through this experience, what lessons you have taken. You need not only to describe the event but to provide your personal reflection. After reading a body part of your paper, it should be easy for the reader to tell what kind of person you are.


A conclusion is the last part of your writing. Here you should include your ideas about the conclusions you have made, how you have been affected, what you could have done differently etc. This paragraph should involve some summarizing and reflection simultaneously.

Here are all the tips we wanted to provide you! Do not forget as well that one cannot compose a perfect paper from the first attempt. Practice makes perfect, so, give yourself some time and polish your skills to become a professional!