The methodology that can be used in the determination and attainment of substantial data can be considered as one of the most important factor in the research process. This is due to the dependence of the quality of the results of the study on the effectiveness of the method of data gathering used. It is important to consider though that the determination of the procedures and the method to be undertaken in the establishment of the results can be considered as a great challenge.

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Due to the fact that the issue can be considered to lean on gender impartiality, because most of the victims are women, the study focused on the effects of the issue solely on the female population. The Bases of the Study There are studies prior to the proposed research that can be considered to have an influence to the conceptualization of the study. One of the studies that can be considered influential is the analysis of the factor referred to as the Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in men and women that committed domestic violence.

The study was undertaken by Follansbee, Hellmuth, Meehan, Moore, Morean, & Stuart and published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol (2006). The study was undertaken through a meta-analysis of the results of related results. Through this type of technique an integration of related data that mainly focused on the effect of substance abuse in the perpetration of domestic violence. The main coverage of the study is the issue on domestic violence that occurred in the United States.

The dependent variable that was identified is the frequency and prevalence of cases of violence in the household. The independent variable is the substance abuse, specifically alcohol (Follansbee, Hellmuth, Meehan, Moore, Morean, & Stuart, 2006). Another study that was used is conducted by Johnson and Kishor that focused on profiling domestic violence, which was published on the journal Studies in Family Planning (2005).

The study is based on the different trends of domestic violence in different countries that are chosen and covered. The results of the study were gathered through survey type of research. The dependent variable is the health condition of the victims while the independent variable is the domestic violence. The study was conducted on 9 different selected countries (Johnson & Kishor, 2005).