Courtly Love

It would not come as a surprise to find that love is one of the most debated subjects of all time. Some people might think that love is too paramount to actually have an exact definition. It is tantamount to… Read More

Death of Wu Zhao

Wu Zetian asked different people to use their gift for the well being of the empire by either working or volunteering. She also asked the teacher to compile different textbooks for agriculture and many systems of irrigation. This turned out… Read More

Ancient China

Who was Wu Zhao? Was she a sparkling director, a woman who was working as if she was a man or was she a brutal woman who wanted power? It will be decided when we get to learn about her… Read More

Yellow Earth

According to the New York State Writers Institute Yellow Earth has swiped away viewers of almost every nationality. The burst of Yellow Earth in the Chinese culture surpassed any film before made by any Japanese arena. It meant future hope… Read More