What is the first thing that springs up to your mind when you hear “500 word essay writing”? Some people say that it is a simple short article. And if you think so, you are right because 500 word is less than two pages. However, here is the challenge. A short article is one of the most challenging tasks. Not everyone knows how to write a 500 word essay which is precise, well-researched, unique, and interesting to read. However, we have prepared useful essay writing tips. Now you won’t need to spend days and nights in attempts to complete an ideal paper.

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how to write a 500 word essay

Choose a Proper Topic and Title

The first step in preparing your paper is deciding on what you are writing about. If you receive the task after studying a university course, you have opportunity to select the theme which you have learned. Choose the most interesting lesson you had in this course. Then think about what this class was about. Flip through your notebooks, précis, and the answer about topic selection will come to your head. Just immerse in a bit of retrospection.

If you don’t have a chance to chose the topic, you can google it. Why not using the Internet to find out what people are looking for? Use the tool of google trends and voila! The most exciting themes are all yours. We recommend focusing on that theme which is up-to-date and which is relevant to your interests.

Structure Your Paper Before You Begin

Planning is the next step which students (unfortunately) prefer to avoid. Some of them say it takes too much time, and it is better to start your composition immediately. However, if you want to learn how to write a 500 word essay that deserves an A+, you need to structure your work. This step has a number of advantages. By planning, you think through your article and make it more focused. That is how you can avoid ambiguity or evasiveness in the content.

Begin your structuring with preparing an outline. It should be a brief plan with notes of your future composition. You can use the following outline for your paper. It will help you focus on each section specifically.


Begin with the introduction. It is the first time when you talk to the reader. Bear in mind that the audience doesn’t know anything about your topic except the title. You need to start with something general. Then, narrow down your description to the message which you want to convey in the text.


The first sentence of your paper creates the first impression. It is called a hook sentence which aims to interest the reader. If it is something boring, you won’t get the highest mark. Sometimes the beginning influences the way your whole essay is perceived.

Thesis Statement

After the hook, write 2-3 sentences about the topic. The last part of your introduction should refer to the thesis statement and the main idea. Here is the core of your paper. By reading the last sentence of your introduction, the reader needs to get a clear vision of what you are going to prove.

Main Body

An ordinary 500 word essay will consist of 3-4 paragraphs for the main body. Each paragraph should cover the specific aspect of your theme. You don’t know what to write about? Look at your thesis statement. Divide it into subthemes which prove your idea and develop it in each paragraph. You need to write in such a way that the body is a logical continuation of your thesis.

Begin each section with the topic sentence. It should describe the whole paragraph briefly and clearly. It will help the reader get the idea of each part. This is the best way to structure the main body of your work.


The summary is an obligatory part of each article. It is that paragraph where you need to conclude the whole work. Don’t discuss new subtopic in summary. All you need is to paraphrase the thesis. Doing this will make your composition framed-up and thought-out.

Significant Tips to Know How to Write a Good 500 Word Essay

When you are ready with the outline, you can start the whole paper. Here we have gathered important tips for you to know how to write a 500 word essay. Use them to receive the highest grade.

  1. Don’t choose very broad 500 words article is not enough to cover those subjects which students take for a research paper, extended essay, or coursework.
  2. Spend some time on the research. Find other writers who posted articles on your topic or published results of the investigation. Use this information. It will make the paper more scientifically valued.
  3. Explain quotations if you add them. Never begin or end with quotes. You may use them only to prove your claims or show opposite opinion. Explain how you understand the quotation and how it refers to your thesis.
  4. Objectivity should always remind you to avoid bias. You are an academic writer who doesn’t criticize. You need to discuss the topic instead of judging opposite viewpoints.
  5. Add examples from real life. Readers like when the author explain complex notions in plain English. Example is a good choice to do this.
  6. Pay attention to the length of your sentences. Try to avoid using complicated clauses with different types of coordination and subordination.
  7. Check the paper for grammar and plagiarism before submitting. There are lots of sources which can do this for you. It takes several minutes, but the result will be great.
  8. Find out your strengths and weakness after you have completed the paper. Take notes which step was the most difficult and the easiest. Next time pay more attention to the complicated ones.
  9. Put yourself an honest grade. Then compare it with the one you get from your teacher. This will help you perceive your work objectively. Sometimes this skill of self-criticism and self-esteem may become useful in other aspects of life.
  10. Ask for teacher’s feedback and analyze the mistakes. It will improve your writing skills in due course.

Now 500 Word Essay is a Piece of Cake

If you use the mentioned above tips and hints, you understand how to write a 500 word essay for university. Practice more and more to become a professional writer. If you need any help, contact our support service. We will find you a good writer who can edit your 500 word essay or write it from scratch.